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250 Grams
  • About this product :

    Premium quality Californian Walnuts square measure handpicked and freshly packed intact with the hardwood shell to retain their freshness and crunch.

    • They are conjointly wealthy in omega three carboxylic acid or unsaturated carboxylic acid that is incredibly essential for our overall well-being. it's conjointly wealthy in tocopherol, Vitamin B6, folacin and B vitamin.
    • These Walnut makes for a healthy and delicious snack any time of the day.


    • You can toss them in your dish or use them in desserts, it's progressing to style delicious when. It may be consumed raw, roasted, or toasted, and goes exceptionally well with smoothies and cookies.
    • You can toss them in your salad or use them in desserts, it is going to taste delicious every time. It can be eaten raw, roasted, or toasted, and goes exceptionally well with smoothies and cookies.
    • Premium CA inshell Walnut could be a complete brain food that improves your immunity and brain health.
    • They are vegetarian, Non-GMO Verified, and haven't any preservatives or superimposed flavors and sugar.



    Benefits of  Walnuts:

    Rich in Antioxidants

    Walnuts ar brimfull with antioxidants. they're made in atomic number 19, carbohydrates, Dietary fiber, Calcium, Iron, aliment B-6, Vitamin C, and metal.

    Omega 3 Fat

    Walnuts ar considerably higher in polyunsaturated fatty acid fat, a necessary fat. They contain unsaturated and Monounsaturated fats that ar healthy for the body.

    Protein in every plate

    Add some walnuts to your diet on a daily basis to stay yourself work and robust. They need nearly fifteen grams of proteins in each a hundred grams of serving.

    The Brillianit Nut

    Walnuts ar nicknamed as “brain food” as they need high content of Omega three Fatty acids. Also, amazingly these round the bend approximate to the structure of a person's brain. This makes it all the additional fun to relish these tasty round the bend.

    A Healthy Snack

    Walnuts are often snacked on for breakfast once you ar reception or at workplace. may be of an excellent company once you ar move, habitation or simply for solo snacking. Since it's healthy, you'll simply snack on them guilt free.

    Dietary Uses

    You can fancy the advantages of walnuts by snacking on them directly or incorporating them as a part of your diet. you'll use it as a healthy smoothie, salad, supermolecule packed meal, baking cookies, etc., to reap its advantages.

    May Decrease Inflammation

    Inflammation is at the foundation of the many diseases, as well as cardiopathy, sort a pair of polygenic disease, Alzheimer’s unwellness, and cancer, and may be caused by aerophilic stress.

    The polyphenols in walnuts will facilitate fight this aerophilic stress and inflammation.

    Beneficial microorganism in your gut convert ellagitannins to compounds known as urolithins, that are found to guard against inflammation.

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