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Turmeric Powder

250 Grams
  • About this product :

    Turmeric is the cooked, dried, cleaned, and polished rhizomes of Curcuma longa. The plant could be a nonwoody perennial, 60-90 cm high, with a brief stem and tufted leaf. There area unit seven to twelve leaves the leaf sheaths kind the pseudostem. The plate is inexperienced on top of and pale inexperienced below and includes a length of 30-40 cm and a dimension of 8-12 cm.The inflorescence could be a central spike of 10-15 cm long.1-4 flowers area unit born within the angle of the husk gap one at a time. regarding thirty flowers area unit made in a very spike. Seeds area unit made in capsules Associate in Nursingd there'll be one to varied sunken capsules in an inflorescence.

    Origin and distribution:

    Turmeric could be a tropical crop cultivated from water level to 1200 meters MSL. It grows in light-weight black, black clayey loams and red soils in irrigated and rainfed conditions. The crop cannot stand waterlogging or pH scale.

    Indian Name of spices:

    Hindi : Haldi,Bengali : Halud, Pitras Gujarati : Haldhar, Haldi Kannada : Arishia Konkani : Halad Malayalam : Manjal Marathi : Halede, Halad Oriya : Haldil Punjabi : Haldar, Haldhar, Haldi Sanskrit : Haladi, Harita Tamil : Manjal Telugu : Pasupu Urdu : Haladi



    Turmeric is to flavor and color foodstuffs. it's a principal ingredient in flavoring. Turmeric natural resin is employed in brine pickles and to some extent in salad dressing and relish formulations, non-alcoholic beverages, gelatins, butter, cheese, etc. The color curcumin extracted from turmeric is employed as a colorant. Turmeric is additionally used as a dye within the textile trade. it's utilized in the preparation of healthful oils, ointments, and poultices. it's viscus, carminative, tonic, blood apparatus, and antiseptic. it's utilized in cosmetics. The binary compound extracts have biopesticidal properties.

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