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250 Grams
  • About this product :

    A dried fruit may be a dried grape. The grapes is dried by the sun or through a mechanical method leading to raisins. These dried fruits square measure made and eaten round the world. Raisins square measure enjoyed raw or utilized in preparation and baking.

    • Once a grape is dried, it becomes a dried fruit. the primary step in dried fruit production is harvest grapes. Grapes square measure initial pre-treated with a chilly dip. This helps the water evaporate through the thick grape skin. Then the grapes square measure dried. Sun drying is value effective however is slow and will increase the danger of pests. Mechanical drying causes fast evaporation and could be a faster and a lot of controlled method. Once dry, the raisins square measure sent to a process plant to get rid of any stems or foreign objects.
    • Raisin varieties rely upon the sort of grape and seem a range of sizes and color like inexperienced, black, brown, blue, purple, and yellow.


    • Raisins aid upset stomach.
    • Raisins improve vision.
    • Raisins regulate vital sign.
    • Raisins revamp bone strength.
    • Raisins support weight loss goals.
    • Raisins boost immunity.
    • Raisins forestall anemia.
    • Raisins cure bloating and acidity.
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