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    Mustard seeds

    SKU: NKDN012
    100 Grams
    • About this product :

      All elements of the mustard plant square measure edible, as well as the seeds, leaves, and flowers; it's within the same genus as cabbage and turnips and is an annual plant. dilleniid dicot genus nigra is the plant that produces Brassica nigra seeds. It is native to {north Africa North Africa geographical square measure geographic area geographical region geographic region} and elements of Europe and Asia; Brassica nigra seeds are still very talked-about within the geographic region and Asia Minor wherever they originated. The seeds square measure off from their seed coats and square measure terribly tiny. they will be ground into a spice or used whole, typically further to hot oil to bring out the flavor.

      Brown mustard seeds come back from the Brassica juncea plant. it's additionally typically referred to as Chinese mustard or Indian mustard. There square measure totally different forms of brown mustard seeds, starting from those with a dark brown reproductive structure to others that square measure dark yellow.

      Yellow mustard comes from the seeds of the Brassica hirta plant, genus Sinapis alba. where a sit's within the dilleniid dicot family family, it's not as closely associated with alternative the opposite} 2styles of mustard as they reto every other. The Brassica hirta plant bears light-weight tan seeds that square measure a bit larger than brown mustard seeds. These find yourself as bright yellow mustard because of the addition of turmeric or dye.


      Benefits of mustard seeds:

      • Prevents cancer and ageing.
      • Promotes healthy skin.
      • Aids digestion.
      • Good for heart health.
      • Strengthens bones, teeth, and gums.
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