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250 Grams
  • About this product :

     Freshly Packed natural W320 grade  plane whole cashew nuts.

    • No preservatives, No additives, No additional color.
    • Fresh and Natural.

    Package contains : Plane whole cashew nuts grade w320 of 500gms

    • Plane whole cashew nuts - Grade W320 regular size cashews .
    • These area unit unroasted, unprocessed, unsalted, and make the proper healthy accompaniment to you.



    Raw Cashew Whole 320

    Our Organic Raw cashew whole could be a product of Bharat that has been processed victimization standards. they're pale ivory and light-yellow in color and contain 300-320 kernels per pound. These blanched cashews ar normally used wherever look of the full cashew kernel is very important. they will be oil roast and preserved as needed. Generally, larger the scale, higher the worth, thus whole 320s come back at a premium value. our cashews ar protein free and vegetarian friendly.


    To maintain freshness, our Raw Cashew Whole 320 ar packed within a food gradeliner within a carton.  Our customers can buy bulk cashews and wholesale cashews by the carton or the pallet.

    Storage and Handling

    The optimum storage conditions is < twenty five Degrees C and wetness 50-70%.

    Shelf life

    3 months from the date of packaging

    Treatment needed

    Product to be any processed to eliminate microorganism hazards.


    There is an opportunity the merchandise received doesn't look precisely just like the one pictured higher than. this can be a natural product that varies in appearance with every crop.

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