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100 Grams
  • About this product :

    Cardamom may be a perennial herb with subterranean rhizomes and 50-140 aerial leaved shoots. every shoot incorporates a height of one.7 to 2.6 meters and possesses nine to thirteen leaves in every tiller. Leaves ar hairless on either side with a outstanding mid-rib. The inflorescence may be a condensed spike with the yellow perigone. every spike has 10-15 fruits. Fruit may be a spherical or oval form, capsule with a chromatic color. every capsule is trilocular with several seeds.

    Origin and distribution:

    Cardamom is cultivated within the Sub-Himalayan region of North jap Asian nation, Nepal, and Bhutan. it's full-grown in wet conditions below the shade of trees at AN altitude between 800-2000 meters on top of MSL., with a mean precipitation of 3000-3500 millimeter cover regarding two hundred days and with temperatures starting from 6-30 degrees C.

    Indian name of spices:

    Hindi : Bara Elaichi Bengali : Bara Elaichi Malayalam : Perelam Punjabi : Bara Elaichi Sanskrit : Brihadaela Tamil : Periya yalam Telugu : Peddayelaki Urdu : Bara Elaichi.

    Uses of cardamom:

    It is used as a ingredient in dishes like Pulavu, Biriyani, and meat preparations. it's associate ingredient in seasoning and spice masala mixtures and is additionally employed in Ayurvedic and Unani medicines. it's applications in ingredient cola, biscuits, and liquors.

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