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200 Grams
  • About this Product:

    Turkey is understood for growing and gather premium quality recent apricots and is one in every of the biggest producers within the world.  Turkish apricot meets their thorough quality check and is of course dried and prepacked below the very best level of hygiene during a resealable bag to retain its style and freshness.

    • Dry apricots build a wonderful snack and might be employed in many sweet recipes- creating them a room staple. along side their skillfulness, apricots square measure are jam-choked with nutritionary advantages and are delicious to eat. Here ar many reasons to shop for apricots.

    Versatility in desserts: 

    • Apricots have a sweet and lemonlike, tart flavor, creating them a wonderful addition to desserts and different healthy sweet treats. they'll be employed in creating Indian healthy deserts.

    Quick Snack: 

    • Turkish apricots have an extended period and might be eaten up plain for a fast boost of energy. They additionally build glorious healthy snacks to hold with you after you ar on the go. you'll browse a lot of regarding different, straightforward to form healthy snacks for weight loss here.

    No preservatives: 

    • Ensures each Turkish apricot is 100% freed from any preservatives and additives, guaranteeing you premium quality.

    High in vitamins:

    Apricots ar high in fat-soluble vitamin, vitamin E, and ascorbic acid. These vitamins ar crucial in promoting smart vision, skin and hair.

    Mineral Rich: 

    • Dried well as recent apricots ar made in atomic number 30, copper, K and iron- essential minerals for the body’s overall health and functioning.

    Jams and glazes: 

    • While apricots create a wonderful topping to your morning oatmeal. This sweet and tart fruit can even be wont to build delicious homespun jams. Store-purchase jams ar typically packed, with preservatives and sugars that harmful to your body. creating your jams reception with premium quality apricots, you'll avoid those additional chemicals.
    • They are vegetarian, Non-GMO Verified, and don't have any preservatives or additional flavors and sugar.


    Benefits of Apricots:

    Good Source of Vitamin A

    Apricots ar with fat-soluble vitamin, that is additionally called A. It's fat-soluble, and helps within the improvement of vision, among alternative things. And it keeps the system under control, protective your skin within the method. A and Beta Carotene (also&nb