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What is Dark store business

A dark store is a retail store that is specifically designed for fulfilling online orders and is not open to the public for walk-in shopping. This business model is becoming more popular among retailers as a way to fulfill online orders efficiently and effectively. Here's how it works: A retailer will establish a dark store in a location that is convenient for fulfilling online orders. The store is typically stocked with a wide variety of products that are commonly ordered online. When an online customer places an order, the retailer uses the dark store as a fulfillment center to pick and pack the items for delivery to the customer. The dark store business model has several benefits for retailers. It allows them to fulfill online orders quickly and efficiently, as the store is specifically designed for this purpose. It also helps to reduce the need for expensive last-mile delivery, as the store is typically located in a central location that is convenient for shipping to customers. In addition, the dark store model can help retailers save money on rent and other overhead costs, as the store is not open to the public and does not need to be located in a high-traffic area.

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