Promising Tomato hybrid for cultivation under protected conditions

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Deal Score-1

India ranks second in the area as well as in production of Tomato next to china. It is the third most important vegetable in India after potato and onion.

Main problem associated with this vegetable is farmers produce huge amounts of tomatoes during the main season which leads to market glut and fall in prices (deflation). On other hand under adverse weather conditions, there is a difficulty faced by the growers to grow in open fields during rainy and winter season. An alternative solution brought by Govt. by introducing PusaBahar (DTPH-60) which is suitable to grow under poly houses during off season. Before days, there are no tomato hybrids available with public sector for cultivation under protected condition. Only private sector companies are in doing business of Tomato hybrids and selling these hybrid seeds to the farmers at a very high cost. Now Govt. is ready to provide these hybrid seeds to the growers at reasonable prices and ensure the production of high-value vegetables having quality tomato fruits round the year in order to meet the rising demand of the ever-increasing population. The average yield of this hybrid is 10 kg/plant. The Tomato hybrid DTPH-60 is resistant to leaf curl and other diseases of poly house and it is successful hybrid recommended for the farmers of jaipur region for increasing their income many fold through off-season cultivation of tomato under protected condition.


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