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Japanese Mint (Mentha Arvensis) could be a perennial herb with a creep stalk Associate in Nursingd an erect stem, 1-2 quadrangulate branched with short dense hair. Leaves square measure a pair of.5 – fivecm long and oblong-ovate. Flowers square measure in auxiliary whorls, none at the highest. The plant rises to a height of zero.4-0.8 meters. Branching freely, flowers seem in May-June and once more in September-November underneath cultivation. Pepper Mint (Mentha piperita), bergamot orange Mint (Mentha citrata), and Spear Mint (Mentha Spicata) also are commercially cultivated tho’ on a lesser scale. These species square measure morphologically variant to it of Japanese Mint.

Origin and distribution:

These aromatic perennial herbs square measure distributed principally within the hemisphere. In India, it’s mostly confined to North Republic of India within the States of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Haryana. Temperate to tropical climate is suited to plant growth. Sunny weather with moderate rain is causative to its luxuriant growth. A deep soil, made in humus that may retain wet, is appropriate for mint cultivation.

Indian Name of spice:

Hindi: Pudina Bengali: Pudina Gujarati: Pudina Kashmiri: Pudyanu Malayalam: Puthina Marathi: Pudina Punjabi: Pudina Tamil: Pudina Telugu: Pudina Urdu: Pudina

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Mint is employed for flavored meat, fish, sauces, soups, stews, vinegar, tea, tobacco, and cordials. The mint oil is employed for the assembly of natural lotion, suburbanized oil is for flavorer mouthwashes, toothpaste, and pharmaceutical preparations. In medication, it’s used against abdomen disorders, rheumatism, in ointments for headaches, cough drops, inhalations, etc. The oil and dried plants square measure antiseptic, carminative, refrigerant, stimulant, and drug.


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