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Yellow jowar idli rava

₹70.00 Regular Price
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400 Grams
  • About this product :

    Yellow jowar has a glycemic index of 52.56,White jowar has a glycemic index of 49.85 both the types are packed with antioxidants and dietary fibre which is proven to significantly regulate blood sugar levels. The fiber content in Yellow Jowar could keep hunger strings under control. Searching for weight reduction? Yellow Jowar is your companion. Then Yellow Jowar directs the defections, helps digestion and turns away issues like bloating, swelling, gas attributable to its rich fiber content. Yellow Jowar intensifies resistance power of your body. It contains magnesium, calcium, and copper that is in charge for strong bones and tissues. The iron content in Yellow Jowar guarantees duplication of red blood cells. Consuming Jowar reduces the awful cholesterol successfully. Yellow Jowar is prescribed for patients with diabetes because of the supplements which bend over as cancer prevention agents. These supplements help hinder diabetes causing factors like protein glycation. The nearness of iron and copper controls legitimate blood course, which powers cell development, hair repair and upgrades general working of the body.



    Yellow Jowar Grain.


    Nutritional values:


    Calories 334 cal
    Carbohydrate 67.68
    Fiber 10.22 g
    Fat 1.73g
    Protein 9.97 g
    Minerals 1.39 g
    Calcium 29.6 mg
    Phosphorus 300 mg
    Iron 3.95 mg
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