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1 Kilogram
  • About this product :

    Vermiculite is well-known for being an effective growing medium. Commonly used in compost formulations with coir or peat, it creates ideal conditions for plant growth. It improves aeration of the soil, promotes a consistent release of added fertilizer and improves moisture retention of the soil.

    You can add your vermiculite directly to flowerbeds in the garden, or use it as an amendment in potting soils. Adding vermiculite to the spoil mix improves moisture retention and aeration of the soil, allowing for the rapid growth of the plant’s roots.

    It’s common for garden centres and nurseries to include the use of perlite in soil mixes. Vermiculite offers the gardeners the same properties, but with better moisture retention. While vermiculite may not provide as much aeration to the roots of the plant, it’s the top-choice soil amendment where moisture retention is a concern.

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