Siridhanya Millet Combo

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    Siridhanya Millet are positive millet that have balanced nutritional profile. The fiber in positive millet is weaved in a very special way in the grain. These 5 positive millet are – Kodo, Little, Foxtail, Barnyard and Browntop. We introduce you to the smart, healthy and sustainable food called Siridhanya Millet.


    LITTLE MILLET: The fibre in little millet has the unique ability to cleanse the reproductive organs. All the health issues related to the reproductive system both in men and women can be resolved by the consumption of this grain that arise due to hormonal imbalances like thyroid, PCOD, infertility disorders, oligospermia (low sperm count), etc. This millet can cure even kidney related ailments.


    NOTE: Being the softest and easiest to digest, little millet is advised to be introduced as the first solid food to the infants.


    KODO MILLET: Kodo millet is endowed with the amazing ability to cleanse the bone marrow (blood production centre). Therefore, any health issue related to the components of blood can be cured by consuming this grain. It solves the problems like anemia, drop in platelet count caused by fevers like dengue, malaria, etc, allergies, auto immune diseases such as SLE, Rheumatoid arthritis, and so on. It strengthens the immune system and prepares our body to fight any pathogens. Those with kidney disorders should consume this millet to remove impurities in their blood.


    BARNYARD MILLET: This millet has incredible capacity to cleanse the liver. So, all the diseases and disorders related to liver can be cured by consumption of barnyard millet. Examples: Jaundice, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Liver Cirrhosis, liver infections, fatty liver, poor appetite, etc. It also has the capacity to cleanse all the tender and soft organs of our body like the urinary bladder, gall bladder, kidneys and so on. It cures the problem of urinary incontinence in the elderly. It helps in dissolving the stones in the gall bladder. It also provides relief from urinary infections. In Typhoid patients the functioning of liver gets affected adversely. Consumption of this millet rejuvenates the liver.


    FOXTAIL MILLET: Foxtail millet may be considered the most balanced grain of all the five Siridhanyas as it has all the nutrients in right proportion. Foxtail millet has the ability to cleanse the nervous system and respiratory system. It corrects all the disorders related to the brain, kidneys, lungs, bones, joints, etc. It also provides relief from all age related problems such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson’s diseases. Several conditions that are associated with diabetes such as Peripheral neuropathy can also be overcome. Bed wetting in children and urinary incontinence in the elderly can also be cured by taking this millet.

    NOTE: Foxtail millet is found to reduce milk production in some lactating mothers. They should consume only if it doesn't affect their milk production.


    BROWNTOP MILLET: This millet has matchless power to detoxify each and every part of the human body from head to toe. The consumption of this grain cures all the ailments related to the alimentary canal like constipation, gastric ulcers, piles, etc. Skin problems like eczema, psoriasis can also be kept at bay by consuming this millet. This is one and only grain that can provide relief from all types of cancers. In addition to the above the consumption of this millet has all the health benefits that can be derived by consuming foxtail millet.

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