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  • About this product :

    About the Product:

    Saffron is that the most costly spice within the world.Safron springs from dry stigmata of the plant saffron. The plant could be a bulbous, perennial with global corms, 15-20 cm high. it's six to ten leaves gift at ontogeny, one to 2 flowers with a lilac-purple color with natural covering segments of three.5 – five cm and elegance branches of two.5 – 3.2 cm. The yellow vogue is deeply divided into 3 branches and also the stigmata ar bright red. Flowers ar arising directly from the corms. Flowers have tri-lobed stigma, that at the side of the fashion superior yield the saffron of commerce.

    Origin and distribution:

    Saffron could be a native of Southern Europe and cultivated in Mediterranean countries, notably in European nation, Austria, France, Greece, England, Turkey, and Iran. In Bharat it's cultivated in Jammu & geographic area and Himachal Pradesh. Saffron thrives best within the heat sub-tropical climate. In European nation it's full-grown in dry temperate conditions with associate annual rain below forty cm. It grows at associate elevation of 2000 meters MSL. Photoperiod exerts a substantial influence on the flowering of saffron. associate optimum amount of eleven hours of illumination is fascinating. outstandingly vasoconstrictor including high wetness throughout the flowering season affects the flowering of the crop. Spring rains boost the assembly of latest corms. Slightly acidic to neutral, gravelly, loamy, sandy soils ar appropriate for saffron cultivation.

    Indian Name of Spice:

    Hindi:Kesar,Bengali:Jafran,Gujarati:Keshar,Kannada:Kumnkuma kesari Kashmiri:Kong,Malayalam:Kunkumapoove,Marathi:Keshar,Kesara,Punjabi: Kesar,Zafran,Sanskrit:Keshara,Kunkuma,Aruna,Asra,Asrika,Tamil : Kungumapoo,Urdu:Zafran,Telugu:Kunkumapuvvu.



    Saffron is employed as a cookery seasoning and to paint, farmer's cheese, chicken and meat, rice, mayonnaise, liquors, and cordials. Saffron is employed in creating bread, cakes, confectioneries, and Mughlai dishes. Saffron is additionally used as a fragrance in cosmetics. In medication, saffron is employed in fevers, depression, and enlargement of the liver and spleen in Ayurvedic medication. it'll heal inflammatory disease, impotence, and physiological condition. it's a large vary of uses in Chinese and Tibetan medicines.

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