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Poppy seeds

50 Grams
  • About this product :

    Poppy seed is that the dried seed of dilleniid flowering plant genus hypnogogic, AN erect annual herb, 30-150 cm long with a zero.5-1.5 cm thick stem. The stem is hairless with a thick waxy coating. Leaves square measure varied, alternate, spreading horizontally, 15-25 cm long. Flowers square measure few, solitary, on a 10-15 cm long peduncle. Fruit could be a capsule with a waxy coating. Seeds square measure varied, very small, white gray with AN oily reproductive structure. flower could be a self-fertilized plant. The seed is that the spice.

    Origin and distribution:

    The center of origin of flower is that the Western Mediterranean region of Europe and cultivated in India, Russia, Egypt, Yugoslavia, Poland, Germany, Holland, China, Japan, Argentina, Spain, Bulgaria, Hungary, and European nation for its legal pharmaceutical use. it's additionally adult lawlessly for the narcotics change Union of Burma, Thailand, Laos (Golden Triangle),Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Islamic Republic of Iran (Golden Crescent). flower is cultivated within the temperate and sub-tropical region and needs well-drained, extremely fertile, light-weight black cotton soil having an honest share of fine sand. In India, it's a authorized crop since the latex of the mature fruit is collected the assembly of narcotic, a narcotic substance.

    Indian name of spice:

    Hindi: Kashash Bengali: Kashash Gujarati: Khuskhush Kannada: Khasksi Malayalam: Kashakasha Marathi: Khus khus Punjabi: Khush khush, Khas Sanskrit: Khasa, Khakasa Tamil: Gaehagesha kasakasa Telugu: Kasakasa, Gasagasla, Gasalu Urdu: Kashkash sufaid.



    Poppyseed (Khas Khas)used as food and a source of fatty oil. It is
    used for culinary purposes. Because of its highly nutritive nature. It is used in bread, cakes, cookies, pastries, curries, sweets, and confectionery. Its seeds are demulcent and used against constipation. The capsules used as a sedative against irritant coughing and sleeplessness in the form of syrup or extract.