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    Black Pepper is that the dried mature berry of Piper nigrum, a climbing, perennial bush largely found within the hot, wet region of Southern Bharat. below cultivation pepper vines square measure trailed over support as columns, 5-6 meters tall, 1-2 meters in diameter. The rising woody stems have swollen nods with clinging roots at every node, that helps in anchoring the vascular plant to the support trees (standards). it's a straight upward growing main stem and has lateral shoots from the axils of the leaves having shorter inhume nodes while not extrinsic roots. In such branches, the terminal buds get changed into Associate in Nursing inflorescence (spike) and therefore the auxiliary buds continue any growth.

    The root system is confined to a 75-100 cm radius and depth. The inflorescence could be a pendent spike, 3-15 cm long with 50-150 flowers. Flowers square measure minute, white yellow, organized spirally on fleshy pedantries. The coinage is of course self-fertilized and spore spreading is motor-assisted by the presence of water droplets. Fruit could be a single-seeded fruit usually known as berry. it's spherical in form, inexperienced in color, dynamical to red on rending.

    Origin and distribution:

    Pepper is taken into account to originate within the hills of the South Western Ghats of Bharat. it's currently adult in Dutch East Indies, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brazil, Mexico, and Central American country except the country of origin. Pepper needs a hot and wet climate and grows between twenty degrees North and South latitudes, from water level to up to 1500 meters on top of MSL. The crop tolerates temperatures between ten degrees and forty degrees C. A well-distributed annual rain of a hundred twenty five to two hundred cm is taken into account ideal for pepper.

    Indian Name of Spices:

    Hindi:Kali Mirch,Bengali:Kala morich,golmorich,Gujarati:Kalamari, kalomirich,Kannada:Kare menasu,Kashmiri:Marutis,Malayalam:Kurumulaku,nallamulaku,Marathi:Mira,kali,mirch,Oriya:Gol,maricha,Punjabi:Kali,mirch,Sanskrit:Marich,ushna, hapusha,Tamil:Milagu,Telugu:Miriyala,tige,Urdu:Kali mirch,Siah,mirch