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Banana Boosters – Made with Millets, Bananas, Dates, Honey

27 Grams
  • About this product :

    A snack with great combination of Vitamins, Minerals & Protein for better tasting made with nutritious, wholesome ingredients to sustain energy.

    With a base of 3 variety of Millets (Foxtail Millets, Sorghum and Raagi) activated with Multi-Grains (Bengal Gram & Green Gram), this anytime nutrient energy booster contains Banana, Dates with Honey.

    Banana Boosters is prepared from naturally high quality millets, multi-grains and banana, dates & honey. It is baked not fried, so its natural nutrients are preserved as it is and has very less oil content, hence enhances the absorption of nutrients when we consume.

    It has Zero Trans Fat, Zero Maida, Zero Wheat, No Artificial Additives or Preservatives or Chemicals at all. It is 90% less fat than any other regular snacks available in the market.

    A touch of honey & Jaggery gives it the perfect sweetness for a guilt-free indulgence that you can enjoy anytime.

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