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Instant Multi Millet Idli Mix

250 Grams
  • About this product :

    Making Process: Take 1 cup ofMulti Millet Idli mix, 1/2 cup of Whisked curd, 2 Cups of water. Mix thoroughly to ensure that there are no lumps, Let it rest for 5 minutes. Take Idli Maker and apply ghee in every mould and pour the batter. Put on the stove for 15 Minutes on Medium flame. turn off your stove and leave it idle for 5 minutes before demoulding, to enjoy your soft and fluffy IDLI.




    Foxtail rava (25%), Kodo Rava (25%), Poha, Urad dal, Idli rava, Sodium bi-carbonate, Citric acid (INS330), Salt, Hydrogenated veg fat.


    Nutritional values:


    Nutritional Values

    Nutritional Information (Approx. Values) per 100g
    Energy ( kcal)  346.9
    Protein (g)  11.4
    Total Carbohydrate (g)  62.7
    Total Sugars(g)  0.29
    added Sugars(g)  0
    Dietary Fibre(g)  6.3
    Total Fat(g)  5.6
    Saturated Fat(g)  0.1
    Trans Fat(g)  0
    Cholesterol (mg)  0
    Sodium (mg)  792.56
    Potassium(mg)  293.75
    Calcium(mg)  24.28
    Zinc(mg)  1.96
    Iron(mg)  2.87
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