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Curry leaf

50 Grams
  • About this product :

    About the product:

    The leaves of the curry leaf tree area unit spice. The tree is AN aromatic deciduous one, five-meter height, 15-40 cm in diameter. it's cultivated in the main in homesteads however to an exact extent on a plantation scale.

    Origin and distribution:

    Curry leaf is found nearly throughout Asian nation up to altitude of 1500 meters. It abundant cultivated for its aromatic leaves.

    Indian spice of Names:

    Assamese: Narsinghs, Bisharhari Hindi: Kathnim, Mitha neem, Curry or kurry Patta, Gandhela, Bareanga Bengali: Barsanga, Kariphulli Gujarati: Goranimb, Kadhilimbdo Kannada: Karibevu Malayalam: Karriveppilei Marathi: Karhinimb, Poospala, Gandla, Jhirang Oriya: Barsan, Basango, Bhuraunga Punjabi: Curry Patta Sanskrit: Krishna Nimba Tamil: Karivempu, Karuveppilei Telugu: Karepaku.


    The leaf employed in South Asian nation as a natural seasoning agent in numerous curries. The oil used as a fixative for soap fragrance. The leaves, bark, and root of the plant ar employed in native drugs as a tonic, stimulant, carminative, and internal organ.