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Cumin seeds

100 Grams
  • About this Product:

    Cumin is that the dried white fruit with grayish brown color, little slender annual herb. The surface of the fruit has 5primary ridges, as an alternative has 4less distinct secondary ridges.Bearing various short hairs. The plant is fifteen to fifty cm high. The aromatic seed like fruit is elongated, ovoid, three to six metric linear unit long, slightly bitter and incorporates a heat flavor. The flowers ar white or rose colored in little umbels.

    Indian Name of spices:

    Hindi: Jira, Jeera, Zira or Safaid jeera Or Zeera Bengali: Safaid jira or Zeera Gujarati: Jiru or Jeeru Kannada: Jeeriege Kashmiri: Zyur Malayalam: Jeerakam Marathi: Jeregire Oriya: Jira, Jeera Sindhi: Zero Sanskrit: Jiraka, Jira Tamil: Ziragum or Jeeragam Telugu: Jidakara, Jikaka.


    Uses of cumin seeds:

    Cumin seeds have associate aromatic odor and bitter style. it's used as a seasoning associated is an ingredient in curry powders, seasonings of bread, cakes, and cheese. it's utilized in native dishes of Central and South America. In drugs, it's used as a stimulant, carminative, stomachic, and astringent. edible seed oil is employed in perfumery and for favorer liqueurs and cordials.

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