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100 Grams
  • About this product :

    The "True Cinnamon" or Sri Lankan Cinnamon is that the dried inner stem bark of magnoliid dicot genus Verum. Cinnamon plants area unit grownup as bushes. once the plant is 2 years age, they generally live concerning a pair of meters high and 8-12 cm at the bottom. it's at this stage they're prepared for harvest home.

    Origin and distribution:

    Cinnamomum Verum is mostly-cultivated in Sri Lanka, the Malagasy Republic, and Seychelles. It originated within the central hills of Sri Lanka. In India, it's grownup in one or 2 locations in Kerala. Cinnamon may be a hardy plant and cultivated in Sri Lanka underneath varied conditions starting from semi-dried to wet zone conditions. the perfect temperature for growing cinnamon is between 20-30 degrees C and precipitation between 1250 to 2500 millimeter. It thrives well as a forest tree at 300-350 meters on top of MSL.

    Indian Name of spice:

    Hindi : Dalchini, Darchini Bengali : Dalchini Gujarati : Dalchini Kannada : Lavangapattai Malayalam : Karuvapatta Marathi : Dalchini Oriya : Dalchini Punjabi : Dalchini Sanskrit : Darushila Tamil : Karuvapattai, Sannalavangapattai Urdu : Dalchini.


    Uses of cinnamon:

    The industrial merchandise of cinnamon ar quills, quilling, featherings, chips, cinnamon bark oil, and cinnamon leaf oil. ‘Quills’ ar scraped depart the inner bark of the mature cinnamon shoots, joined along with overlapping tubes, the hollow of that has been stuffed with smaller items of cinnamon peels that is dried initial within the sun and thenceforth within the shade. ‘Quilling’ ar broken items and splits of all grades of cinnamon quills. ‘Featherings’ ar feather-like items of inner bark consisting of shavings and tiny items of bark left over. Cinnamon ‘chips’ ar rough unpeelable barks scraped far from the thicker stems. Cinnamon leaf and bark oil ar obtained by distilling the leaf and bark singly. Cinnamon bark may be a well-liked spice with a fragile fragrance and a heat agreeable style. it's utilized in the shape of tiny items or powder. it's wide utilized in favorer confectionery, liquors, prescribed drugs, and cosmetics. it's found to assist diabetics within the digestion of sugar. it's astringent; stimulant and carminative properties and might check nausea and inborn reflex. The cinnamon bark oil has anti-fungal properties and cinnamon leaf oil is wide utilized in perfumery and cosmetics.

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