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Chironji seeds

20 Grams
  • Charoli seeds

    Charoli seeds are a pretty good source of protein. With a relatively low-fat content and calorific value, these nutty seeds are a great addition to the daily diet. It has a pretty impressive fibre content which makes digestion easier. The host of healthful nutrients include vitamin B1, B2 and C as well as niacin. It also contains minerals like iron, calcium and phosphorus. 

  • About this product :

    Few of the common names include

    • Baruda
    • Priyala
    • Piyar
    • Achaar
    • Payala 
    • Peirah
    • Perna
    • Payala
    • Chirka
    • Pra-savak
    • Chiraunji
    • Charoli 
    • Priyal
    • Kath bhilawa in Hindi
    • Sarapappu in Telugu.

    Ayurveda knows Chironji as the following Sanskrit terms, which are  Piyala, Prasavakh, Upavatth, Muni, Priyala, Char, Priyalam, Rajadana, Rajanadanha, and Akhatth.


    It is widely used for regulating diabetes, managing cough and cold, remedying sore throat, treating digestive anomalies, enhancing cardiac functioning, preventing skin infections, promoting digestion, diminishing urinary problems and many more.

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