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Carrom seeds

100 Grams
  • About this product :

    An erect, hairless or circumstantially pubescent, branched annual. The stems square measure striate; the leaves square measure rather distant, 2-3-pinnately divided, the segments linear. The flowers occur in terminal or seemingly-lateral pedunculate , compound umbels, white and small; the fruits square measure ovoid, muricate, aromatic cremocarps, grayish brown; the mericarps, that square measure the parts of the fruit, square measure compressed, with distinct ridges and tubercular surface, 1-seeded.

    Origin and distribution:

    Ajwain originated within the geographical region, probably in Egypt and also the Indian landmass, however conjointly in Iran, Egypt and Islamic State of Afghanistan. In India, the main Ajwain manufacturing states square measure Rajasthan and Gujarat, wherever Rajasthan produces concerning ninetieth of India's total production.

    Indian name of spice:

    Hindi : Ajwain Bengali : Jowan or Joan Gujarati : Yavan Kannada : Oma Kashmiri : Jawind Malayalam : Omum Marathi : Onva Oriya : Juani Punjabi : Ajamoda, Avanika Sanskrit : Ajamoda, Avanika Tamil : Omum Telugu : Vamu Urdu : Ajowain.


    Uses :

    It is historically used as a biological process aid, relieves abdominal discomfort because of upset stomach and antiseptic. In southern elements of Bharat dry ajwain seeds area unit pulverised and soaked in milk, that is then filtered and fed to babies. several assume that it relieves intestinal colic in babies and for teenagers it additionally improves digestion and craving. Ajwain may be used as biological process mixture in giant animals. within the northern a part of Bharat, Ajwain is usually consumed once a significant meal. it's usually offered once dinner parties.