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100 Grams
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    Also Known as Black Jeera and Nigella seeds 


    Archaeologists found kalonji seeds as one of the treasures kept in Tutankhamun’s tomb in Egypt

    Kalonji Seeds: Common Names

    Tamil – Karunjarakam, Karunjiragam

    Telugu – Peeajila Kara, Nallajilakara

    Hindi – Kalajira, Mangraila

    Malayalam – Karinchirakam

    Bengali – Kala Zeera, Mangrela

    Guajarati – Kalaunji Jirum, Kadujeeroo

    English – Black Cumin, Nigella Seeds, Black Seed, Fennel Seed, Seed of blessing



    The Health Benefits of Nigella/Kalonji Seeds

    1. Seeds of Kalonji for constipation

    Clinical studies show both preventive and therapeutic effects of Nigella sativa and its main constituent – thymoquinone on various gastrointestinal disorders.

    Constipation makes you restless all day long. It may also impact your appetite. It is the most common gastrointestinal disorder that causes problems with our digestive system. kalonji oil combined with warm water or black tea can help you overcome constipation quickly and effectively.


    2. Reduces headaches 

    Natural remedies should be used instead of consuming unnecessary contemporary medicinal pills. A few drops of Kalonji oil applied to the temples will help you relax and ease a bad headache.


    3. Helps to lose weight

    Obesity is connected to many health problems. Studies show kalonji seeds aid in weight loss when taken along with warm water.


    4. Improves oral health

    Kalonji is an excellent tooth pain reliever. It is beneficial to your general oral health – bleeding gums and weak teeth. Apply a few drops of Kalonji oil to the affected area for better healing.


    5. Heart health

    The heart is our body’s most critical organ, and keeping it healthy is crucial. It is an excellent heart tonic. It maintains your heart healthy by lowering your bad cholesterol levels.


    6. Treats diabetes

    Kalonji seeds are a powerful natural diabetes treatment. It aids in blood sugar regulation. Kalonji oil can be combined with warm water or black tea and consumed on an empty stomach by diabetics.


    7. Improves memory power

    Memory loss is a common concern for elderly people. For optimum brain function, take it every day on an empty stomach. Take kalonji seeds with mint leaves as recommended by Ayurveda for memory improvement. The oil from kalonji seeds is linked to improving your memory power.


    8. Relieves muscle soreness

    Kalonji seeds have pro effects that can help with a variety of ailments. It is well-known for relieving joint discomfort by lubricating the joints.


    9. Keeps blood pressure in check

    People take a lot of medicines to control their blood pressure, which can harm their kidneys.

    With the help of Kalonji seeds, it can be naturally regulated. Kalonji seed oil also assists in the control of bad cholesterol levels.