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Sri Lanka Organic farming

Organic farming is a sustainable form of agriculture that is based on the principles of ecological balance and the use of natural techniques and practices to grow crops and raise animals. It has gained popularity in Sri Lanka in recent years as an alternative to conventional agriculture, and it is practiced by a growing number of farmers in the country.

Sri Lanka has a long tradition of sustainable agriculture, and organic farming fits well with this tradition. In addition, the country's tropical climate and rich soil provide favorable conditions for organic farming.

Organic farming in Sri Lanka is regulated by the National Organic Agricultural Movement of Sri Lanka (NOASL), which is a government-supported organization that promotes the adoption of organic farming practices and certifies organic products.

Organic farming in Sri Lanka is supported by a range of government initiatives, including training programs, research and development projects, and financial incentives. There is also growing demand for organic products in Sri Lanka, both locally and internationally, which is helping to drive the growth of the sector.

Organic farming in Sri Lanka faces a number of challenges, including a lack of infrastructure, limited access to credit, and the high cost of inputs. However, despite these challenges, organic farming has the potential to contribute to the development of rural communities, improve the environment, and create more sustainable and equitable food systems in Sri Lanka.

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