Namastekisan-Flagship as a business oppurtunity

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Flagship stores are the first or the pioneer stores of a retail chain the captain of the ship. A flagship store is located in a prominent location or a place which could bring in a high traffic of customers. It can be considered a method of entry into the market, something which is the first of its kind and meant to lead, Like the Louis Vuitton in Shanghai and Vans in Beijing. It is based on the concept that “If we build; they will come.” The aim here is to create a market of its own through creative digital marketing and store experience.

NamasteKisan is creating its own unique market space and market presence through a system which connects the farmers directly to his potential buyers through an online platform. The flagship store concept was developed to provide safe and quality food to its customers. These flagship stores show the physical presence of the brand in the market. It is a strategic way of marketing which creates curiosity among the people. The first of its kind is Namastekisan providing online services and offline via the flagship stores, which connect its customers to the producers directly.

Grocery shopping online is the next level which is becoming a popular option after the advent of the online shopping apps like Big Basket. This has widened the customer’s views about grocery shopping. Online shopping experience is different when compared to shopping at the store this requires going the extra mile to grab the attention of the customers through building a rapport within one minute of their entry into the store.

NamasteKisan flagship stores are a breakthrough in small scale business opportunities and for entrepreneurial activities.

  • There is no royalty charged
  • Low investment
  • Business development/employment generation
  • Operations can be handled online
  • Quality produce

It is a win-win strategy where both the customer and the store are benefited. The stores also deal with wholesale method of distribution to the customers who require such services. The procurement is demand based with effective inventory management and billing methods. These are the main services provided by NamasteKisan to its flagship stores.

They include organic products from Safe Harvest, NamasteKisan (natural products),and processed products from Baraday, Madhusree which are made from millets. The increasing health conciseness among people is the growing market or the rise in the potential customers. The main aim is to increase a client base so as to create a platform where the customers are being served with all their requirements as and when needed via the store and to increase the traffic in a store which will lead to the success of the store.

The main key is “getting it right” the need of the business, potential areas to target, to build a potential customer base, to develop marketing strategies, to retain that customer base. These will define the success of the business. Business always depends upon the investment made; the bright side here is that it is a low investment option. These stores can be the future one stop solution for organic produce.

The huge shift in the awareness in the masses in today’s era is the main key which can provide a heavy customer base to NamasteKisan, can convert all the potential buyers or curious questioners into its customers.


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