About Us

NamasteKisan is an exclusive marketplace to buy and sell farm products, It is a global platform where buyers across the globe can buy farmers products directly through a single window system,we at NamasteKisan intend to liberate the Indian farmers from the clutches of middlemen and provide the fair price for farmers produce, we are Incubated by  The International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropic (ICRISAT), recognized by Startup India  under DIPP and the winner of HOT100 Startups award.

Our Mission:
Enabling Indian farmers and small-scale food processing industries to adopt methods which entangle them to monetization through modern marketing and optimized supply chain management.

Our Vision:
To bring transparency, fairness and justice to the agricultural ecosystem and change in method of production, moving away from dependability, change in attitude and wiping out the diversity and obstacles in the agricultural trade.

NamasteKisan means “I bow to a farmer”, We believed that In India, the agricultural marketing system is lacking transparency even today, farmers are depending on local traders and money lenders for selling their produce, multiple hands increasing the cost to consumers although farmers don’t derive any benefit, Huge wastage because of poor handling of post-harvest practices and logistics, most of the Indian farmers never changed their crop years together, even though the land is suitable for other crops, which can increase revenue for farmers, We provide supply & demand forecast to our farmers so that they are well informed about their prices and production practices.

An effective agricultural marketing system through the cost-effective supply chain is our key driver, NamasteKisan aims at ensuring remunerative prices to the producers and smooth supply of commodities to consumers at reasonable prices, There are many imperfections in the current system for agricultural commodities we are constantly striving to innovate and provide best solutions.

The world is getting closer in terms of cross-border trade and the potential for Indian agriculture is immense, making the farmers exposed to the domestic and international markets is our dream, In this journey, we are open to join our hands with individuals and institutions those who are with the same aspirations and passion because we are obsessively passionate about building biggest online  marketplace for farmers.

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