1. Manual on Farmer Producer Organizations Released by NABARD – July’2015 Click Here

2. Policy and Process Guidelines for FPOs issued by Dept.of Agriculture,Govt.Of India–Oct,2013


3. Process Guidelines for Promotion of Farmer Producer Organization – SFAC Click Here


4. Rating Module for Farmer Producer Organizations – NABARD Click Here


5. Operational Guidelines for Farmer Producer Organizations – NABARD Click Here


6. Financing-Farmer-Producer-Organizations-FPOs – ACCESS Development Services Click Here


7. Formation of Farmer Producer Organizations – Initial – PPT Click Here


8. Important Factors to be considered while formation of Farmer Producer Organizations Click Here


9. Risk factors associated with formation and operational activities Click Here


10. Difference between producer companies and co-operative societies Click Here


11. Support schemes from government and other agencies for Farmers Producer Organizations Click Here


12.Presentation – Promoting Farmer Producer Organizations – SFAC , October 2014 Click Here


13.Presentation – Promoting Farmer Producer Organizations NABARD at FPO’s Summit 27th Oct 2014 Click Here


14. State wise Farmer Producer Organizations Registered in the Country Click Here


15. List of Farmer Producer Organizations state wise Click Here


16. Success stories of FARMER PRODUCER ORGANISATIONS – Krishi Sutra 2 – 2013 Click Here


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