NamasteKisan’s Startup journey

“To me startup is a new business that has no road map and a dynamic team would accept that challenge to build shortest path with almost no capital, Startups has to run with burning desires,there is no standard formula”

Idea of solving farmers problem is my childhood dream I was constantly thought about this all the time,I started building my own perceptions on the agriculture system because I dwell into it since i born.

A Democratic country with the greatest Intellectual and natural resources is unable to promise the future for its 60% of population, The Indian agriculture marketing system is very well unorganized to keep the farmer’s life so vulnerable where the economic and political systems of India are highly depended on agriculture and reforms execution is always questionable.

So, Idea of developing it as business model and grow with it for rest of life and after life,This thought process was began from 2015, I left the job and engaged full time into this,met different people learnt new things and validated my ideas time to time.









Chosen a team who are equally ambitious and capable, We together executed some plans had good learning.


Trust me it is not easy to handle the farmers when we go on field and talk to farmers as of we are going to change their life from next day,farmers are not ready to entertain it any more and obvious reason why they should.









We realized when we are dealing with the farmers problem we should stay as close as possible and understand the challenges in different places so we Initiated cycle Expedition from Kanyakumari to Kashmir to explore real India and It was challenging so we had to stop and continue on public transportation and participated in programs like Jagritiyatra.

We organized meetings with farmers understood major challenges and came out with possible solutions ,we made our working model as simple as even uneducated farmers can use our services.








The requirement from the farmers is very clear they need better price than market for their produce and no credit only cash & carry, Buyers need is best quality product with cheapest price with cash on delivery. (Here is the problem hence is the opportunity)

We encouraged farmers to do value addition and allowed them to use our brand.

We reached many farmers through our active participation in trade events








@ IIT M Research park                                                                    @ SRM University Chennai


Participation in AAHAR,New Delhi

Received HOT100 Startups Award by Core media in Mumbai


Participated in Global forum for Innovations In Agriculture in March 2017

@ Indian Embassy Dubai

Selected for Incubation @AIP ICRISAT and our office was inaugurated by Dr.K.K.Sharma,CEO,AIP-ICRISAT,




The Journey so far was amazing,now we have MOU’s with 14 FPO’s to support 10000+ Farmers and we are running pilot with 4000 farmers now and we identified new avenues for processed foods,we have very interesting product portfolio of farm products and packed foods clickhere to see,We recently launched a Commission per sale program with intention to increase sales through our portal referrals any individuals or organizations can join this program and become our brand ambassadors.

We believe that Collaboration is always better than the competition,the agri startups has to realize the fact that we should not consider other similar players as competitors rather we see each other as eco system partners because of our similar objectives,we are open for collaborations if synergies are matching.


Thank you very much for taking your time to read this

Durgaprasad Bandi,

+91 9444709807


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