Our Farmers deserve our honor and respect for feeding this country, Pongal being the special festival for them this occasion made me remind my childhood days being the son of a farmer and celebrations of this wonderful festival.

Growing up in an agriculture family is a wonderful to experience and have many advantages in my lifestyle, I used to go along with my father to the farm in my childhood, there was always something to do on the farm, I like going there every day because the farm will not look same as yesterday,We can feel the cool welcome from the plants with a flourishing smile at you and birds giving the background music for it – Ahh….what a feel you to experience it, man,

I was in 4th or 5th standard of my school days heard a lesson that plants are capable of feeling emotions as humans I believed that then and now It has scientific evidence.
later on, I have chosen horticulture as my vocational course during the high school days, we are trained to grow the plants, we used to involve in preparing the land for cultivation and growing, we used to carry vegetables to home which we have grown with our hands it was a next level satisfaction and used to feel like Chota farmer.
We used to have Bull carts for farm use so I used to feed those bulls along with my father and participate in training them,So they became good friends,I was always fascinated by this wonderful creatures,I loved the way they walked,I love the way they look at you with two ears coming forward with love and innocence at their face,we treat them as part of family and call them with their names.
This is how my passion for agriculture has developed, In childhood days I loved being in the farm skipped the school without parents notice, got beatings from mom, for this reason, which was very casual for me those days 😀
Later on, with many evil influences, my interest moved to studies and passion developed to become a doctor but due to practical reasons, I became an engineer for no reason, somehow realized my passion is in agriculture.
Whenever I interacted with my father he always said, “there is no better profession than farmer but we are ignored” But he is happy with whatever we had and I could see his proudness in his eyes being a farmer, I always wanted to become the farmer in my life.
Sankranthi is a special festival for all of us, family gatherings, colorful decorations, special foods and new dresses these all coming to mind when I think of this festival.
So I wish our farmers will celebrate this festival with full of joy, prosperity and loads of happiness.
#Happy Makarasankranthi
#Happy Pongal
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